Betty Ford: Speaking Out, Saving Lives

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Coming in April 2022:

SHE DID ALL THAT at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum

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SHE DID ALL THAT - Betty Ford: Speaking Out, Saving Lives, a documentary play by Lisa Rafferty which offers insight into an extraordinary First Lady who broke down societal taboos and empowered women throughout the United States, bringing breast cancer and addiction to the forefront of American conversation. 

The production, which premiered at Boston Playwrights' Theatre in July 2018, shines a light on the Betty Ford story using her own voice, voices from her family and friends, White House news accounts, and letters from her critics and admirers.  Twelve actors will play over 30 roles, including the President, First Lady, the Ford children, Maria von Trapp, President Clinton, Mary Tyler Moore, Steven Tyler, Elizabeth Taylor, Stevie Nicks and others.

The show starred celebrated actress Paula Plum in the title role, and prolific actor Richard Snee, Ms. Plum’s husband,  playing President Gerald R. Ford. An all-female production team was assembled by director and producer Lisa Rafferty, in honor of the pioneering and feminist spirit of Betty Ford.


                          Robin Abrahams          Tom Grennon

                          Erin Eva Butcher           Evelyn Holley

                          Srin Chakravorty           Amie Lytle

                          David Daly                    Paula Plum

                          Kennedy Elsey              Jared Reinfeldt

                          Gabriel Graetz              Richard Snee

                                     PRODUCTION TEAM

                     Patricia Altomare, Associate Producer

                   Allison Davis, Stage Manager

                   Jane Humphrey, Box Office and House Manager

                   Maggie Kearnan, Set Designer

                   Daisy Long, Lighting Designer

                   Brianna Plummer, Costume Designer

                   Lisa Rafferty, Producer, Director, Playwright

                   Sarah Smith, Graphic Design                                                                                                  

                   Kim Waller, Associate Producer                                              Photos by Maggie Hall and Lisa Rafferty




The show was fabulous. The cast did a wonderful job.

The show grabbed our attention from the first second.


A glowing tribute to Betty Ford!


I had no idea that Betty Ford

was such a feminist and progressive thinker.


Rafferty's latest documentary play is an

enlightening tribute to one of the giants on the list of First Ladies who was born a century ago.

Really an exceptional production!

Richard Snee and Paula Plum as President
The cast of SDAT with Michele
Erin Eva Butcher as Phyllis Schlafly in
Ann Cullen (Robin Abrahams) confers with
Tom Grenon as Don Holloway, Curator at t
Jared Reinfeldt, Dave Daly and Paula Plu

   The cast of SHE DID ALL THAT at Boston Playwrights Theatre, July 2018.